Single Float Fluid Transmitters for High-Accuracy Continuous Shallow Tank Monitoring

xm/xt 300/700

July 3, 2014 - Plainville, Connecticut, USA

Gems Sensors & Controls (Gems), a leading industry supplier of liquid level, pressure and flow sensors, as well as fluid control devices, has announced the global market introduction of its XM/XT Series.

The Gems XM/XT Series is a family of cost-effective, single float transmitters, expressly designed to provide high-accuracy continuous fluid level monitoring within smaller, more compact tank environments.

Historically, off-highway vehicle, HVAC, locomotive, commercial printing, and medical OEMs have had limited capability for cost-effective and accurate fluid level monitoring of tank depths less than 20 inches (50.8 centimeters). Many OEMs would specify multi-level float solutions, despite their discrete point limits of indication, due to the lack of availability of a lower cost single float transmitter. The new Gems XM/XT Series effectively addresses these concerns.

Gems XM/XT-300 Series fluid level transmitters are constructed from all-wetted polysulfone plastic parts. This ensures their direct compatibility with a variety of chemicals. Its counterpart, the Gems XM/XT 700 Series, combines the extended durability of stainless steel, or brass, within a lightweight package. Both models are designed to serve as effective drop-in replacements using existing tank fittings. They feature 0.14” (3.5 mm) resolution; an indicating length to 14 “(35.5 cm); and a stem length to 20” (50.8 cm). Compact and versatile, XM/XT Series units are also available with a broad choice of mountings and float materials to suit individual requirements.

As a standard catalog product, Gems XM/XT Series models are available for immediate customer order. Full-scale OEM volume manufacturing can usually proceed in just a few business days. In addition, Gems engineers can design and manufacture a custom fluid tank level measurement solution to meet specific requirements. Custom fluid level transmitters can be produced in OEM volumes within shorter lead times than many other industry standard solutions.