Semicon Manufacturing Products

When most people hear the word “semiconductor” they think of processing speed. When folks like us hear “semiconductor” we think of process purity. The microscopic topography of today’s silicon circuits demand the cleanest manufacturing facilities on earth. We know that, and we build liquid level, flow and pressure sensors to meet those stringent requirements. It’s because of these special requirements we have a special semiconductor sensor team at Gems™. These men and women are dedicated to making your manufacturing clean and simple.


Why Gems?




  • Chemical Delivery Systems

  • Cleaning Equipment

  • Deposition Equipment (CVD/PVD)

  • Diffusion Furnaces

  • Gas Scrubbers

  • Ion Implant Systems

  • Recirculators

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • Wafer Etch Equipment (Dry/Wet)

  • Wafer Preparation Equipment/CMP

  • Collaborative Engineering Support

  • Cost-Efficient Development

  • Fast Prototyping and Quicker to Market Strategies

  • Sophisticated Supply Chain Management

  • Lean Manufacturing Protocols

  • Certified Quality Processes

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