Visual Level Indicators

For easy to view liquid level indication that is both accurate and nearly indestructible, nothing beats SureSite liquid level indicators. They are used in applications within every market segment where quick visual communication of tank contents is paramount. SureSite indicators operate without power, in temperatures to 399°C (750°F) and in pressures to 290 bar (4200 psi); they are unaffected by extreme thermal changes.   

SureSites are a durable and safer alternative to breakable sight glasses. Featuring stainless steel, alloy or engineered plastic housings SiteSites mount externally to the top or sides of tanks to provide easy-to-read, continuous level gauging. The indicator is isolated from the measured media in a pressure-tight housing allowing SureSite indicators to be used in areas where sight glasses are not even a consideration. SureSite indicators are unaffected by tank shape, condensation, atmospheres, foam, stratification of vapors, high temperatures or flux and don’t require continual calibration. Modular accessories such as switches, scales and continuous transmitters increase control capabilities.  

DIPTAPE tank level indicators are manually operated, compact and self-contained. Ideal for hazardous areas, they are non-electrical, plus liquids and vapors remain sealed from the atmosphere. Pop the cap, pull the tab and up comes the tape to tell you exactly how much liquid remains in the tank or drum. DIPTAPE indicators are designed for tanks up-to 1.8 meters (6') and are available in alloy, all PVC and engineered plastic versions.

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