Multi-Point Level Switches

Gems custom length multi point level switches are an extremely versatile cost effective way to monitor multiple liquid level points within a single tank. These multi point units can be configured with two to seven independent switch actuation levels, depending on the series type. Only a single entry point into the tank is required, and all electrical wiring emanates from a single source. In addition to tracking changing level points of a single liquid within a tank, multi point level switches are ideal for monitoring liquid interfaces and emulsions in vessels simultaneously containing two or more liquids. Gems multi point level switches are available in engineered plastic or metal alloy with a broad range of mounting options and float materials. Gems multi point level sensors are offered with integrated siphon tubes and temperature sensors to provide cost savings and limit the number of intrusions into a tank.


For challenging fluid measurement Gems new ultrasonic UCL-510 Transmitter/Multi point Level Sensor Combo is the answer. This accurate and reliable sensor offers a non-contact alternative to our float of conductance sensors in small tank chemical feed or handling applications when corrosive, sticky or dirty media are present. The UCL-510 features programmable level intelligence and can be reconfigured for different sensing duties.

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