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Industrial Pressure Sensors, Transducers & Switches

Gems offers a wide range of industrial pressure sensors, transducers, and switches. Each is ruggedly designed to address customer measurement challenges in hydraulics and pneumatics; water and wastewater; HVAC; OEM compressors and pumps; refrigeration systems; oil and gas; off-highway; machine tooling; medical gases; in-process control; and other applications.

Industrial pressure transducers are available with ratiometric output for continuous real-time monitoring. They are also offered in gauge, absolute, differential, vacuum and compound types, and in standard ranges from vacuum to 10,000 PSI. High-temperature and submersible versions are also available.

The Gems portfolio includes chemical vapor deposition (CVD), sputtered thin film, capacitance, and micromachined silicon (MMS) pressure transducers. These technologies support a diverse range of requirements. Capacitance-based pressure transducers, for example, are ideal for higher volume use. Sputtered thin film pressure transducers are specified where the highest possible measurement accuracy must be achieved.

Rugged industrial pressure switches from Gems provide basic “On/Off” functionality, either factory set point or adjustable, for a broad range of price and performance compatibility. Depending upon selection, units can offer over 1 million cycles of reliable service. Repeatability ranges are typically from 0.25 percent to 5 percent of the set point. The unique design of Gems pressure switches incorporates a special diaphragm/piston mechanism. This feature combines the benefits of high proof pressure piston technology with high repeatability, along with added resistance to vibration, pressure spikes, and temperature variations. For especially tough environments, Gems further offers a CVD-based solid state pressure switch with a field-proven ASIC design. A full family of water pressure switches is also available, with high-reliability over a standard range of 2 to 6000 PSI.

Available pressure switch enclosure options include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, reinforced plastic and zinc-plated steel. Wetted parts include choice of Buna-n, Teflon® coated Kapton®, stainless steel, PTFE, EPDM or Viton® diaphragm. Standard pressure port options include stainless steel, brass, zinc or aluminum. Extended ranges or other features are available upon request.

Click here to visit our standard product catalog for an up-to-date listing of immediately available models. Most standard catalog pressure transducers and switches can be easily modified with alternate connectors and housings. In addition, a custom solution can be designed and manufactured in OEM volumes, often with lead times shorter than many industry off-the-shelf solutions.

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