FS-500 Series Flow Switch

FS-500 Series Plastic Shuttle Type Flow Switch
  • Flow Rate Settings: 1 LPM to 19 LPM (0.25 GPM to 5.0 GPM) 
  • Port Size: 3/4" NPT 
  • Primary Construction Material: Polypropylene 
  • Setting Type: Fixed

The FS-500 offers low cost flow monitoring with a variety of switch actuation points and low pressure drop. All wetted parts are polypropylene or stainless steel, making this switch ideal for a wide range of chemical and temperature requirements. The materials are also NSF or FDA approved for potable water treatment applications including chlorinators, purifiers and heaters. The FS-500 is ideal for equipment cooling including welders, lasers, etc. A J-box version with a 5 amp relay is also available for direct control of higher electrical loads, such as chlorinator pumps. 


  • Protect Bearings or Gears: oil separators, fuel systems, pumps, compressors, presses 
  • Electronics or Machinery: heat exchangers, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, induction furnaces, radio transmitters 
  • Process Systems: water filtration and reverse osmosis, chlorinators, de-icers, sterilisers, evaporators

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Other Shuttle Type Flow Switches

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