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Accurate Pressure Detection in Plunger Lift Systems

The Problem
In aging gas wells, the build-up of fluids in a well can lower and sometimes halt gas production. Plunger lift systems provide an effective and low cost way of improving well productivity. Plunger lifts use gas pressure buildup in the casing-tubing annulus to raise a steel plunger (along with the clogging fluid) to the surface. A well is shut-in (not generating revenue) while the plunger lift system is operating, therefore it is critical to know accurately and reliably the pressure in the casing and tubing.

The Solution
Plunger lift systems rely upon pressure sensors to detect the quantity of natural gas pressure in the casing and tubing in order to optimize use of the plunger. Given the presence of explosive gas fumes, intrinsically safe pressure transducers and explosive proof pressure transducers must be used. Gems Sensors offers a wide selection of industrial pressure switches and transducers that rises above the limited options offered by other pressure sensor manufacturers. Gems Sensors can meet tough reliability standards in extreme conditions of Oil & Gas. Gems Sensors offers a broad range of intrinsically safe (IS) and explosion proof (Ex) sensors to detect pressure, level, and flow in a variety of Oil & Gas applications. These include plunger lift sensors, chemical injection sensors, and compressed natural gas (CNG) sensors.

In addition, Gems sensors has redesigned its latching valve, making it even more dependable for rugged, low power applications. A small voltage pulse allows the valve to change state, then turn off and hold that state. These valves are ideal for controlling larger pneumatic valves in remote applications where power is limited, or when the temperature of the media cannot be impacted as it flows through the valve. The larger pneumatic valves can close and open large pipes, and these latching valves control them. The term "Latch" refers to the valve in the open state where supply pressure goes to the external valve. The unlatched state is when the supply is cut off and the external valve is exhausted to ambient.

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