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Reliable Fluid Control at Wellheads

The Problem
In separators at natural gas wellheads, control valves are commonly used for level control in large holding tanks. The actuator is used to empty a tank. A gear pump is used to fill one side of the valve actuator with hydraulic oil. Accurately and reliably controlling this hydraulic flow with a wellhead solenoid valve is critical.

The Solution
Gems Sensors produces a wide variety of wellhead solenoid valves control the flow of the hydraulic oil to and from the actuator. In addition, Gems Sensors’ Oil & Gas pressure transducers are used to monitor the mineral/hydraulic oil pressure, indicating actuator travel (how open is it). The wellhead pressure sensors are key to know when to actuate the wellhead valve.

The Benefit
Typical pneumatic systems use a 3-way valve and use natural gas (instead of hydraulic oil) to perform this function, which vents natural gas to the atmosphere. Government organizations such as the EPA in the United States are cracking down, and companies must buy permits for their well sites to vent natural gas to the atmosphere. This new system is a hydraulic solution, which will be self contained and use mineral oil (instead of natural gas) to control the actuator position. Natural gas will not be vented to atmosphere. Well sites will no longer have to pay a permit fee to the EPA.

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