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Reliable Oil Tank Level Sensing

The Problem 
Storage tanks serve a variety of purposes within the Oil & Gas industry. Most commonly they serve as a vessel for produced oil, but can also house chemicals and water for use in production and distillation. As countries ramp production utilizing unconventional extraction techniques, the need has grown for accurate and reliable oil tank level sensors. Oil level indicators need to automatically sense and electronically communicate the level in the tank to ensure safe and efficient operations.

The Solution 
Gems Sensors produces a vast array of oil tank level sensors utilizing a variety of proven technologies. Gems has the experience customizing oil tank level solutions for a single point, multi-point, continuous, or visual level indication. These oil level gauges can use reed switch based floats, compact solid-state electro-optics, conductivity probes, capacitive, ultrasonic sensors or magnetostrictive probes.

Contact us today to find out how Gems Sensors plays a vital role within the Oil & Gas sensor industry. We have the experience to customize a solution for your specific Oil & Gas sensing needs.

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