Design Services

From Concept Feasibility through Commercial Manufacturing

At Gems Sensors & Controls, we understand that each client's situation and needs are unique. We provide outsourced design and development services: whether you need a custom component, feasibility study or complete design and development of a complex fluid handling system. Gems managers will structure the project to meet your needs, timing and budget. For OEMs who don't have the time, or need to supplement their resources, to take on development in-house, Gems Sensors & Controls is an ideal solution.

To meet all of these varied requirements, our Design Services provide a team-based approach to addressing each client's individual circumstances. Our dedicated team of experts in fluid handling, measurement and control utilises four phase methodology and robust design practices that ensure every component, assembly and system solution meets our clients' specific needs.

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Our experienced design engineers and project managers have access to state of the art equipment and facilities located around the world, including sites in North America, Asia and Europe. To realise your project milestones, Gems Sensors & Controls develops full project specifications including:

  • Development plan/statement of work
  • Project timeliness driven by project management
  • Milestone based cost structure

Design engineers specialising in:

  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical design
  • CAD PCB layout
  • Software development & validation
  • Systems integration
  • Solid modelling
  • Rapid prototypes
  • Design control
  • Risk analysis
  • Validation & verification

Gems Sensors & Controls Design Services team has a proven track record with a wide range of clients from venture backed medical start-up companies to medical or life science market leaders providing contract service support at any stage in the product development process from initial concept to commercial manufacturing.