Manufacturing Services

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Your Design or Ours. We Build, Test and Ship to Meet Your Needs

Gems Sensors & Controls offers manufacturing services to meet the quality, quantity, and cost objectives of your product, assembly or system. We have the capability and capacity to manufacture short-runs to mid or high volumes at one of our ISO-certified facilities located around the world.

Gems utilises Lean Manufacturing principles and processes to significantly increase yield improvements, reduce inventory levels, shorten production cycle times and lower costs.

  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Labelling/Packaging
  • Documentation/Traceability
  • Production Process Validation and Control
  • Software Validation and Control

Understanding the importance of a robust supply chain is key to our success. Gems works to integrate supply chain processes; from supplier selection to customer approval throughout product life. Our supply chain process includes:

  • Early supplier involvement
  • Design reviews with supplier
  • Supplier performance evaluation
  • Routine Supplier Audits