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Accurate Level Detection in Drilling Fluid "Mud" Tanks

The Problem 
When drilling, Oilfield Equipment Service customers need to lubricate the drill bit to avoid excessive temperature by using a mud probe to inject a mixture of compounds down hole. The compound (a.k.a. “mud”) cannot dry to avoid damage to the bit and costly downtime. This drill mud is stored next to the drill hole in a tank. The key to ensuring uptime is an accurate drilling fluid tank sensor or mud probe sensor. 

The Solution 
Gems Sensors’ level transmitters have been used for decades by a variety of customers to detect an adequate level of mud. The Gems transmitter can accurately sense mud tank level, communicate this information to a PLC which triggers alarms and avoids low mud tank level situations. The accuracy and dependability of the mud probe sensor gives the assurance of uptime while drilling.

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